Outdoor Science Camp Staff

Our fun and energetic staff from the 2011-2012 school year (Click to view larger image)

Our outdoor science camp staff is hand selected and hired based on their experience working with kids at kids camps and elsewhere, their desire to make a difference in the lives of the students and a love for the outdoors. Each staff member undergoes a thorough background check as well as a drug test to assure our child’s safety at kids camp.

Our staff is a very dedicated, energetic, outdoor-loving, kid-friendly group of people. They work hard every day making science camp a special occasion in the lives of the children who come to Arrowhead Ranch’s nature camp.

Cabin Leaders

We have cabin leaders who stay in the cabins with the children overnight. They go out on the trails with the students and attend all meals with them. Your children are NEVER left alone. On hikes, the cabin leader walks behind the hiking group while the naturalists navigate the trail to the next lesson area.


Our Directors are very experienced camp professionals who have dedicated their lives to ensuring that our Environmental Education program meets all of the California State Science Curriculum Standards.  They are always updating our science camp programs to keep them current and exciting, meeting both the educational requirements of teachers and parents while still making every day fun and exciting for the students at nature camp.


We also have at least one full-time medic on staff at our outdoor science camp at all times. Our medic deals with all of our child related issues including homesickness, headaches and stomach aches. They assure each child will receive any prescribed medication sent to camp at the appropriate time.


Our Naturalists are college graduates with a four-year degree in one of the sciences. All of the teaching that is done comes straight from The State of California Board of Education Science Framework. Naturalists have a desire to teach the camp kids about the environment and the way people affect our environment.

We train our naturalists in an intense week of on-site training for our outdoor science school. The naturalists are introduced to the lesson material, then shown how to create an outdoor lesson plan. The kids camp staff collaborate on different styles and ways of teaching the students who come to our program. Props, games, science activities and our unique natural environment are what we use to reinforce the curriculum.

Once the Naturalists have been through training, testing and lesson planning, they are ready to take a trail team on a hike. A trail team consists of one girls cabin group and one boys cabin group. Numbers in these groups range from 18-28. It varies from school to school. The Naturalist will meet with their trail team at a prearranged meeting area on the outdoor science camp grounds. One of the cabin leaders are also present and hiking on the trails with the kids.

Your Child’s Teachers

Teachers are encouraged to come along as well. The teachers observe the outdoor science camp naturalists as they teach. The teachers also assist the students while hiking.

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